Google Adsense in India

How to generate money from your website?

This is the most general question most of the people will have.

There are different ways for that

1) google adsense

2) yahoo publisher

How ever first of all you should make your website with lot of new stuff. The content of your website should not be copy/paste from other websites. Once you make the website apply for google adsense. It usually takes 1-2 days to get it approved. How ever it may vary from person to person. For me it took almost 2 weeks for it to get approved.

Once it was approved the target is how to get most hits to your website. For that what you can do is to register at  and add your website to that. It will ask you to copy and paste some code. what you can do is to paste it to all the webpages for which you want to track the hits.

Next thing comes into mind is how to increase the hit rate. you can advertise your website in

Once you see that the number of visitors to your website is increasing try to update your website regularly. Try to post the link to your website in lot of blogs and other forums. It will increase the hits to your website.

Next thing is to find out the pages which are getting most hit rates. In that way you can add more content to them and update them regularly.

There are three options for setting up the Adsense.

1) Adsense for content

2) Adsense for search

3) Adsense for Referrels

Out of all the theree i found Adsense for content is generating revenue for me.

I am making around 30$ a month. Thats good amount for me in india. To increase the page hits to your website things what i would recommend is to add content related to peoples intrests. You can find out peoples intrest at this link.

You can check from this website and might add some content to your website related to those keywords. I feel that most of the hits will come for mp3,online dating,ebooks and music etc.. so you can add content to your website related to that stuff.
In my website i will be getting most hits to ebooks and hardware interview questions.
How you will recieve money:
There are two ways that you can recieve money.
1) The money you have made is accumulated till it becomes 100$ then almost after a month you will get a check for with 30% of the tax deducted. You will recieve the money in indian rupees.
2) The second way is you have to pay 25$ to google they will send the check by express mail within a week.
Where should you place ads on your website:
The best placement for Google ads varies from page to page, depending on content. Here are few questions to ask yourself when considering where to position your ads:
According to research by google this is what they talk about adsense heat map. The darker places will get more hit rate. This heat map illustrates the ideal placement on sample pages. The colors fade from "Dark Orange" [ Strong performance] to "Light Yellow" [ Weakest Performance].
What are the best image sizes to place for google ads:
From different places and researchers have defined the best image sizes for google adsense.
Finally How to Sign up for Goole Adsense:
Click on the button below it will get you to creating your adsense account with google.
One more Final place where you can find most used keywords in the world.