Here I will update all the information about google what i got. Since google will be adding lots of stuff i will try to update them frequently.


Picasa Gives an opportunity to control the photographs. Once you install the software it will try to index the whole harddisk and will accumulate all the photographs from your system in a very systematic manner.

There is an option to directly send your photographs through your Gmail account with Google Picasa.

I have been using picasa from almost two years and i love this tool.

Click on the image below to download Picasa. (100% Free Photo Sharing Software)

and also a Google Product.



Google Pack:

Google pack is a collection of best and free software available on earth. I personally use most of the softwares from google pack.

Softwares available for free from Google Pack are:

1) Mozilla Firefox.

2) Picasa

3) Ad-aware from lavasoft

4) Norton Antivirus (Free trial for Six months)

5) Google desktop

6) Google Screen Saver and much more.

You can rely on these softwares as they are recommended by google. :)

You can download the Goolge pack by clicking the image below.



Other Services Available through Google: 

I will list all the sercies available through google which i feel are very useful.

Search Engine:

Website Traffic Analysis:\analytics

Google Adsense:

Google Adwords:

Google Accessible Search:

Google Code Search:

Google Suggest:






Google Desktop:

This will be a very dynamic page i will update it the content periodically.