Sreejan Kumar

Hello! My name is Sreejan. I am a fifth year PhD candidate the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, where I am advised by Tom Griffiths (depts Psychology & Computer Science)  and Jon Cohen (depts Psychology & Neuroscience). Before that, I graduated from Yale University with majors in Computer Science and Statistics & Data Science. During undergrad, I worked with Marvin Chun and Nicholas Turk-Browne (dept of Psychology)

A core essence of human intelligence is the constant drive to understand the world around them. I am broadly interested in how human brains take experience in the world and extracts abstract knowledge that helps them learn faster. I'm interested in studying this process in a variety of domains such as reinforcement learning, language processing, and visual perception. I utilize a combination of artificial neural network simulations, large-scale online behavior experiments, and brain imaging in my research. 

In the summer of 2023 and 2024, I spent time at Meta Reality Labs as a research scientist intern working on brain-computer interface systems for AR/VR. I was a part of the team focused on using EMG wristbands to develop ultra-fast text input. 

I'm currently a visiting researcher at NYU in the fall working with Brenden Lake (Center for Data Science & Psychology) and Marcelo Mattar (Center for Neural Science & Psychology).

My research is generously supported by the Google PhD Fellowship

My CV can be found here: Link