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This page includes various MATLAB scripts that have been created and may be useful.  Currently the scripts are housed in sub pages a list of which can be found below.  Additional information will be added to the links lower in the page when I find time to add it. 

Matlab Instructional Books

Note: Some lines of code are too long to fit on a single line on this website, but copying directly from the website to the MATLAB Editor seems to retain the formatting so the completed scripts should run without having to be fixed.

Nominally, to find information on just about any topic simply Google "MATLAB topic_of_interest" and the chances are good someone has tried figuring out whatever it is that you are interested in.

Atmospheric Density (English Units) using MATLAB

Atmospheric properties through the Stratosphere using MATLAB

Movies with MATLAB

Operating on all files in a folder using MATLAB

Picture - digital zooming / cropping in MATLAB

Exponential curve fitting and Extrapolation in MATLAB

Solving/Evaluating symbolic ordinary differential Equations in MATLAB

Symbolic Equation manipulation in MATLAB

Runge Kutta 4th order in MATLAB

Solution to multiple coupled non linear equations

Heat transfer in MATLAB tutorial

Calculating Adiabatic Flame Temperature including temperature dependent specif heat

Meta Data from Image files

    -Data from a single image file

    -Data from all files in a folder

Disclaimer: All scripts are provided as guides for coding with educational purposes only.  Any other use of this data will need to be verified by qualified personnel.