Sample problems - FPE Teaching Aids


Sample problems have been worked out on video for use with fire science classes.  These videos are provided for use outside of class to provide examples for topics which there is not time to cover in class or for use when students need extra practice with example problems.

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Fire Dynamics

Fire Effects (room behavior)

  Ceiling Jet temperature and velocity

  Upper layer gas temperature


Combustion Reaction

Heat transfer

 Conduction through wall – steady state


 Radiative heat transfer – steady state


 Convective heat transfer



Sprinkler Piping Flow


  General shorthand notation for taking notes

Cross Correlation Visualization

  Derivation of Newton's Second Law
 Classic Two train physics problem  

Pressure loss due to friction

Disclaimer: Videos are provided as guides for educational purposes only.  Any other use of this information needs to be verified by qualified personnel.