Fire science demonstration videos

Combustion and fire behavior demonstration videos for use when teaching fire science classes.  Videos attempt to show comparisons between conditions that affect flames or flame propagation such as confined vs. unconfined explosions.  Research has shown that students cannot pay attention to a single topic for more than around 20 minutes at a time.  One way to break up the class and engage the student is to match the math used in a combustion class with video of combustion phenomenon.  
 Fluid Flow




Fire Tornado

Burner Flames




Flame Propagation

Laminar vs Turbulent Flames


If you have trouble viewing the videos imbedded in the page below you can view them in the youtube channel directly:

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The overall goal is to have multiple organizations making example videos of the types of fire science work that they do so that professors have a large selection of visualizations to use in their classes.  The attempt here is not to create lectures to watch online but to provide a supplement for use in lectures.

Disclaimer: Combustion experiments are dangerous and could result in injury to yourself or others, and/or damage to property.  These experiments were conducted in a laboratory environment by trained personnel. Do not attempt these experiments without proper training, equipment, and laboratory.  Do not attempt at home.  These videos are meant to show the combustion phenomenon and are not intended as a guide for reproducing the effects.  Do not play with fire or combustion phenomena.

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