Fire science demonstration videos
This website provides teaching tools for teaching fire / combustion science in the form of visualizations (images and movies), information on various experimental techniques, and basic MATLAB scripts.

Fire Science Virtual Laboratory
 FSE 120 Virtual Laboratory

 Fire Science Virtual Laboratory

Visualizing Flames:


This section discusses techniques for imaging various flames.



This section has scripts for data analysis in MATLAB.

 Instrumentation / Diagnostics


Included here is information on how to use various instruments and diagnostic equipment to use when doing experiments.

 Data Analysis

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Links to other fire science related pages.

Combustion Workshop

This is the handout for a two hour lab designed for high school students.

 Combustion Lab Class

This is a syllabus for a full semester long college/graduate school class.


Fire Patterns

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Disclaimer: Combustion experiments are dangerous and could result in injury to yourself or others, and/or damage to property.  These experiments were conducted in a laboratory environment by trained personnel. Do not attempt these experiments without proper training, equipment, and laboratory.  Do not attempt at home.  These videos are meant to show the combustion phenomenon and are not intended as a guide for reproducing the effects.  Do not play with fire or combustion phenomena.

The information on this site is for educational use only.