2012 Projects

The Beginning 
While our group is still forming and ideas are overflowing, we have managed to gather some consensus on the following projects:
                C3P0 Robot
                Motorized Toys from Recycled Computer Parts
                Solar-Powered Sterling Engine
                LED Pillows

                DIY Computing
                Animation Casting

                Music Synthesizer controlled by Keyboard, Mouthpiece and Knobs; output to an amp

With these few ideas taking shape, we're getting excited and will begin the next phase: RESEARCH!  While this may not sound all that exciting, learning how things work is what it's all about!

And Now the Making Begins!
After researching how these projects could be made, we have finalized our plans and are ready to build!

C-3P0 Robot

Savannah is a returning maker who is exploring 3D printing and robotics; designing a C3P0 robot in inventor and printing it on a thing-o-matic 3D printer.  She hopes to add motors to the 3D printed parts and bring her robot to life.

Mechanical Toys   

Dennis is new to making and is continuing his love of toys by using recycled computer parts, 3D printing, and other recycled materials to design and make toys.

Urban Scale Wind Turbine

Lance is a future engineering student who is creating a small-scale wind turbine for home usage, currently in the prototyping phase. He is working on a wind turbine that is low-cost and able to be used near most homes.


LED Pillows

Marissa is a new maker who wanted to make a project that was functional, durable and kid friendly; the obvious choice for her was to make an LED pillow.  LEDs will be sewn onto the face of the pillow; connecting snaps will be attached to the side of the pillow. Once two pillows are snapped together, the image shown from the lights will change; the image will change again if the side that is snapped is changed (if pillow is rotated).

Mind-control with Mindwave

Alex is an eager maker who is passionate about learning how things work.  He has had several ideas about projects and has finally decided to explore and experiment using the Neurosky Mindwave headset to control a computer game or animation.

Animation Casting

Lisa is a talented artist interested in animation; her project includes different methods of projecting or casting animation, or moving pictures. The first phase, Looking into the Night, an original piece, using copper tape, LEDs, and a 3V coin cell battery to illuminate the stars in the piece. The second phase integrates a simple zoetrope and an old fashioned movie projector, she's been experimenting with trying to project my own hand-drawn artwork into a moving animation.


Melodica Synthesizer

Jesse is experimenting with sound and is making his own synthesizer controlled with a keyboard, mouth piece and knobs.  

Social Media Catapult

Finn is making a social media catapult.  It is an exercise in magnifying digital communication signals to trigger real world actions across multiple platforms and domains. His project takes inputs from various media and communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat, GMail, and SMS) and using the website ifttt.com enables these inputs to trigger a cell phone on vibrate mode. The vibrating cell phone is then detected by a littleBits Motion Trigger, causing a DC motor to run, which in turn triggers the launch of a variety of homemade catapults and air cannons.


Piano on a T-Shirt

Sage is designing a T-shirt on which you can play piano.  Inspired by several instructables, Sage has designed his own soft circuit and will have an interactive wearable instrument as a final product.