2011 Projects

The Beginning
Here are some project ideas from our 1st meeting

Tesla Coil (instructions)

Beetle Bot (video)

Music Visualizer (instructions)

Sensor-controlled robot

Using these as a starting point, we hope to explore and expand to make these our own!

Changing Plans
After a lot of thought and research we decided we didn't feel we could safely build a Tesla Coil this year.  We are still very intrigued by them and hope to build one another year.

Projects we are still pursuing

            Music Visualizer

            Beetle Bot

            Sensor-controlled robot

New Project Idea


Maker Faire: May 21st & 22nd
All our hard work paid off and we exhibited at the Maker Faire with the Young Maker's Program.  In the end, we had three robots and one music visualizer.

The robots were constructed and programmed by Connor, Miles, & Blake.  We had one Solarbotics Beetle Bot Kit, one RCX LEGO robot, and one NXT LEGO robot.  All robots were built to model the behavior of the Beetle Bot.  Touch, Light, and Sonar Sensors were used to detect walls and help the "beetle bot" navigate it's environment.

The music visualizer was built and programmed by Savannah.  While there were some set-backs in the beginning of this project, Savannah took those as learning moments and kept trying until she succeeded in creating a working music visualizer!  This was the first time she had worked with microcontrollers and circuit diagrams.  The challenge of learning something new was exciting and she discovered a deeper passion for programming because of this project.