Program Information



The Southeast Regional Biblical Institute is a certificate program which had its beginning on September 5, 2011 at New Life Church in Baton Rouge, LA. 




The Southeast Regional Biblical Institute seeks to prepare men and women for the work of ministry offering educational opportunities that will assist individuals in developing their potentials.




SRBI’s goal is to offer persons an opportunity to sharpen skills for more effective service in ministry and to improve quality of service to the local congregation.




SRBI program offers education and training at two levels.  Upon completion of 8 (8) first level courses, students will be able to:  (1) demonstrate knowledge of the bible, doctrines, and have an understanding of the call to ministry, (2) advance to a higher level of religious studies.  In order to advance to the advanced level of study, students must have received the Certificate in Christian Training.




Diplomas are available in the area of Biblical Studies.  The student will earn the Biblical Studies diplomas after

the completion of 30 credit hours.



There is a minimum of two eight-week terms per each semester. There are two semesters per each calendar year.  The Fall Semester runs from August to December and the Spring Semester runs from January to May.





Faculty is required to have a Master of Divinity or (comparable degree) and at least five years experience as a Pastor or teacher. 




Participation in this program is not restricted by previous educational attainment.  Persons who are serious about developing his/her potential to the fullest and becoming effective in the work of ministry may enroll in Southeast Regional Institute. 


Most persons will complete the program within two to three years.  If there has been a lapse of three to five years since the person was active in the program, continued eligibility must be determined.  The criteria for demonstration shall be an oral review, administered by the Coordinator of the site in which the person seeks re-enrollment.  After an absence of five or more years, persons must re-apply for student status with SRBI.




All persons enrolled in SRBI are eligible to receive a diploma after meeting all prescribed requirements.  Certificates will be awarded each year to qualified persons. 


A Diploma in Biblical Studies is awarded upon completion of ten (10) classes.  This is the minimum standard for

the diploma (See course requirements).





The student will earn the Biblical Studies diploma after the completion of 6 classes of concentration

in Biblical Studies plus an additional 4 classes of electives chosen by the student.  There are classes specifically

marked as elective classes, but a student can take courses from the other core certificate courses and it will be

counted as an elective as well.


1. ZMTI 101: Biblical Interpretation

2. ZMTI 102: Old Testament

3. ZMTI 103: New Testament

4. ZMTI 104: Paul’s Letters

5. ZMTI 105: The Minor Prophets

6. ZMTI 106: Biblical Foundations


Students must complete four of the classes listed below.

1. ZMTI 113: The Person of the Holy Spirit

2. ZMTI 114: Baptist Doctrines

3. ZMTI 115: Spiritual Disciplines

4. ZMTI 116: Overcoming Church Conflict

5. ZMTI 117: Christian Ethics

6. ZMTI 118: The Book of Revelation




Grades are determined by attendance, class participation, and satisfactory completion of assignments and/or written work.

The grading system is as follows:

A=90-100                      C=70-79

B=80-89                        D=6-69

I=Incomplete work

W=Withdrew, insufficient attendance for credit




SRBI will also offer opportunities for anyone to further his/her growth and development through periodic

workshops and seminars. These workshops and seminars will explore principles and practices of ministry

involvement and engagement that drive knowledge, depth, best practices and innovation for greater missional

effectiveness in congregations and church community.