About Dr. Mary W. Moss

Reverend Dr. Mary Whitley Moss

Theologian, pastor, civic/community leader, Reverend Dr. Mary Whitley Moss is one of the South most influential leaders and preachers.  She was born in Watson, Louisiana.  She is the pastor of St. Alma Baptist Church, Founder and Executive Director of Louisiana Area Women in Ministry, and Director of The Southeast Regional Biblical Institute. 

 Dr. Moss earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She returned to New Orleans and earned a Masters of Divinity Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, with languages, Hebrew and Greek.    Dr. Moss earned a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Biblical Preaching from the Beeson Divinity School at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.   Thus she became the third African American female to be awarded a doctorate degree from the prestigious Beeson Divinity School.  Dr. Moss has certification in Expository Preaching from E. K. Bailey International Preaching Conference.

Dr. Moss is a community leader. Believing that the church has a responsibility to be the light of the world and the moral compass to family and community, Dr. Moss has established several work to support this vision.  Her core belief is that it takes the power of God, the church, and the whole village to move from a place of brokenness, a place of darkness and a place of abandonment to a place of wholeness and empowerment.  Dr. Moss sees the church as the body of Christ and as the instrument chosen of God to continue the work of the ministry of Jesus.  Dr. Moss is the impetus behind The Village Project, a community wide effort that will impact and mobilize the lives of families in the Eden Park community.  Her community focus is impacting lives through intergenerational leadership, outreach projects, and training of ministers and leaders. Her commitment to responsible leadership, transformative teaching and responsible handling of God’s Word is evidenced in her role as pastor, teacher, and administrator.  

 Dr. Moss’ election as the seventh pastor St Alma Baptist Church of Lakeland, Louisiana was a historic moment in the life of the 134 year old St. Alma Baptist Church on February 17, 2008.  She became the first female elected to the position of pastor of this traditional Baptist Church and the first female ever installed by the then, 133 year old Fourth District Baptist Association.       

 It was in 1991 that Dr. Moss was called to the ministry and was later ordained by the late Reverend Charles T. Smith, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, the Fourth District Association and the Baton Rouge Ministerial Association.  Thus she became the first female minister to be ordained at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church where she served as Minister of Evangelism and Christian Education. 

 Dr. Moss has been privileged to serve as teacher, lecturer, facilitator, and revivalist at many schools, colleges and churches throughout this country.  She is a member of the Fourth District Baptist Association and serves on numerous boards.  Dr. Moss is the recipient of numerous commendations and honors.    

 Dr. Moss is married to Mr. Carl H. Moss, Jr. and is the mother of three children and seven grandchildren.   When asked about her journey now, Dr. Moss simply says that her whole desire is to preach the Word, teach the Word, and live the Word in a way that ushers people into the presence of God.