Shooting, Jass and Bratwurst in the Rain in May 2006

posted Aug 1, 2008, 2:42 AM by marc rogivue

by Alex Luedi

Our first annual shooting, the Compulsory (Tir Obligatoire, Obligatorisches) and Field Shoot (Tir en Campagne, Feldschiessen) was attended by a very sizeable number of Swiss Rifle members, and the regular group of friends from the RHKR Sports Shooting Association. Unfortunately, and for the first time in many years, did heavy rain force us to stop the shooting after the Compulsory, and the Field Shoot had to be postponed to our next shooting date in November. Occasionally the rain was so heavy that we could not even make out our targets over 50 meters! Nevertheless, our top guns demonstrated also their mastery under these conditions, and the RHKR shooters their stiff competition to our members, as shown on the list of results below. Nevertheless, a good day to meet, have a Jass, and thanks to Roland’s skills Bratwurst and Fleischkaese from the umbrella protected grill.