Looking through the Sights...

posted Aug 1, 2008, 2:51 AM by marc rogivue

This is what you should see when looking through the two sights of the Swiss Assault Rifle Stgw 57.

Pay attention to the fact that with the Stgw 57, we usually shoot "Fleck", i.e. instead of targeting the center of the black circle, we target the bottom of the circle, making the circle look like it "sits" on the front sight of the rifle.

Also, pay attention that the left and right "bananas" are equal (not one fatter than the other) and that the top and bottom of each banana is also equal.

These are common marksmanship errors:

A: No “bananas” visible: Distance between eye and rear sight is too long: shots are scattered around the target.
B: Bottoms of “bananas” are fatter than the tops: shots are above target
C: Tops of “bananas” are fatter than the bottoms: shots are below target
D: One of the bananas is fatter than the other: shots are either left or right of the target
E: Rifle not perpendicular: shots are below and either to the right or left of the target