How to get to the Table Hill Firing Range

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By car

Take the Route 9, Tolo-Harbour-Highway in the direction of Fanling – Sheung Shui. (takes you from the Lion Rock Tunnel through Shatin, Tai Po to Fanling), or Route 3 (Western harbour crossing, Tsing Yi, Ting Kau Bridge, Tai Lam Tunnel) in the direction Sheung Shui – Fanling.

Take Exit 9, Sheung Shui (Shek Kong, Kwu Tung, Man Kam To), and at the roundabout follow direction “MAN KAM TO” (Railway Station), cross the KCR and turn half left towards Man Kam To / Lo Wu.

The road leads along a few scrap yards, then you cross a river (you can hardly see it), the road goes slightly up.

Look out for a small road on the right, sometimes hardly visible because of all the bushes – but you should be able to identify as it is gated by a (fairly rusty) barrier painted black and white – (which should be open when you arrive).

Take the small road that leads you up to the Table Hill reservoir and shooting range. Please park your car in a way that other cars can still pass.

If you end up at the border check-point (only a few hundred meters further down), just smile at the people there an turn around.

For Taxi Drivers:

文 錦 渡 路 桌 山 配 水 庫

P.S. in case you get lost call: 9150 0574 (Alexander Luedi)

For detailed directions including Google and Centamaps, please check the attachment!

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