Corporate Membership (includes Sponsorship)

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Goals of the Swiss Rifle Association of Hong Kong

The Swiss Rifle Association of Hong Kong (SRAHK) is a society registered with the Society’s Office of the Hong Kong Police under Section 5A(1) of the Societies Ordinance Cap. 151.
The postal address of the SRAHK is the address of the president.
The SRAHK is closely linked to the Swiss Association of Hong Kong

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership falls under Active Membership pursuant to the association’s By-Laws Article 2., and is open to Swiss, or non-Swiss companies with offices in Hong Kong.

Corporate Membership Fee

The corporate membership fee is set by the General Assembly. It is currently set at HK$ 1,000.- per annum.

Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporate members have the right to delegate a maximum of two employees to each of the shooting events of the SRAHK, at the same costs as ordinary active members.
Delegated employees must be Swiss and must have undergone Swiss Army training.
Proof to be provided in the form of a copy (fax copy is adequate), of the relevant pages of the Booklet of Service Record (Dienstbüchlein).

Delegated employees have the opportunity to fulfill their annual compulsory shooting program with the SRAHK who is authorized to certify the completion of such program in Hong Kong.

Corporate members will be referred to as sponsors of the SRAHK and, at the discretion of the Committee, mentioned as such in correspondence to the association’s members, and in other public statements made by the SRAHK in Hong Kong.


Corporate members will be informed in the same manner as ordinary active members. Corporate membership entitles to one vote at the SRAHK Annual General Meeting
marc rogivue,
Aug 1, 2008, 3:02 AM
marc rogivue,
Aug 1, 2008, 3:02 AM