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Final Exam Update 5/13/18:

Here are the study guides for the final exam:

Update 5/7/18:

The year is winding to a close. I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! Overall, the students have done a great job so far. We will begin our finals, which count as 1/9 of your overall grade, on 5/21/18. They will include speaking, writing, reading and listening. 

Homework Links:

* Duolingo Link: Spanish 1, Period 2
* Duolingo Link: Spanish 1, Period 3
* Duolingo Link: Spanish 1, Period 6
* Duolingo Link: Spanish 2, Period 5
* Duolingo Link: Spanish 2, Period 8

Make-up Work: Homework Tic-Tac-Toe (choose one or more activities each week): Handout

(New!) Lessons 26-40 *Spanish 1 & 2

Lessons 1-25: (an asterisk (*) will be next to the lesson we are currently working on)
    Lesson 2/3
Flashcards  Quizlet Lessons 6-10
Respuestas: Lessons 1-6
    Lesson 6/7 
    Lesson 8/9
Respuestas: Lessons 7-10
Flashcards  Quizlet Lessons 11-15
    Lesson 12/13 
    Lesson 14/15 
Respuestas: Lessons 11-15
    Lesson 16/17 
Respuestas: Lessons 16-20
    Lesson 20/21 
    Lesson 22/23 
Respuestas: Lessons 21-23
    Lesson 24/25 
Respuestas: Lessons 24-25 
** (New!) Common Verbs Conjugation Practice Lessons 1-25 (includes "nosotros" form)

(New!) Lessons 26-40 *Spanish 1 & 2

Main Activity Books with Answer Key:
Main Activity Book Lessons 1-10 with Answer Key (pdf file) 
Main Activity Book Lessons 11-15 with Answer Key (pdf file) 
Main Activity Book Lessons 16-20 with Answer Key (pdf file) 
Main Activity Book Lessons 21-25 with Answer Key (pdf file) 
(New!) Main Activity Book Lessons 26-30 with Answer Key (pdf file) 
(New!) Main Activity Book Lessons 31-35 with Answer Key (pdf file) 

Quarterly Comprehensive Exam* Expectations (Rubric and Goals for Proficiency):
     Spanish 1 Qtr1: Beginner/Novice Low
     Spanish 2 Qtr1: Novice Low
     Spanish 1 Qtr2: Novice Low
     Spanish 2 Qtr2: Novice Mid
     Spanish 1 Qtr3: Novice Mid (written only)
     Spanish 2 Qtr3: Novice High (written only)
     Spanish 1 Qtr4: Novice Mid (written and spoken)
     Spanish 2 Qtr1: Novice High (written and spoken)
* To be completed in the last two weeks of each Quarter

Let me know if you have any questions or find anything on the site that isn't working properly at

Sites for Extra Practice (1-25):

* Duolingo: Fun and helpful website/app to get extra practice in Spanish
* Zachary-Jones: A variety of videos and activities related to culture and language
After Quiz 15 (with conjugations)
After Quiz 21 (with conjugations)
Essential Vocabulary Lessons 1-15 (without conjugations)

Sites for Extra Practice (26-40):

* BBC Mi Vida Loca- Learn Spanish through interactive episodes 
* Students of the World: Find a penpal in another part of the world (appropriate for all ages)
* Interpals: Find a penpal in another part of the world (with adult supervision)
* My Language Exchange: Penpals and chat rooms in a number of languages (with adult supervision)

Sites for Extra Practice (41-50):

* Movie trailers, news reports, cultural videos, and commercials along with other interactive listening activities (with adult supervision)
* EdX: Free courses through universities across the world

Lessons 41-50:

Just for Fun: