Español IV Honores

Bloomington High School North
 Syllabus Spanish IV Honors
Clara Garcia Aguerrevere
Classroom:  407
Phone: 330-7724 ext. 50167


DIPLOMA:  Core 40 and AHD       2126 (SPAN IV)
FULL YEAR       GRADES: 9-12
PREREQUISITE: Passing grade in level I, II, III “C” average or higher in all levels highly recommended.
Spanish IV, a course based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for World Languages, provides a context for integration of the continued development of language skills and cultural understanding with other content areas and the community beyond the classroom. The skill sets that apply to the exchange of written and oral information are expanded through emphasis on practicing speaking and listening strategies that facilitate communication, such as the use of circumlocution, guessing meaning in familiar and unfamiliar contexts, and using elements of word formation to expand vocabulary and derive meaning. Additionally, students will continue to develop understanding of Spanish-speaking culture through explaining factors that influence the practices, products, and perspectives of the target culture; reflecting on cultural practices of the target culture; and comparing systems of the target culture and the student’s own culture. This course further emphasizes making connections across content areas through the design of activities and materials that integrate the target language and culture with concepts and skills from other content areas. The use and influence of the Spanish language and culture in the community beyond the classroom is explored through the identification and evaluation of resources intended for native Spanish speakers. Students are instructed the first day of class that Spanish will be not only the language used for instruction, but also for in class daily school and interpersonal communication as well. 

Classroom Policies and Expectations

In the Classroom:

  • Be Prompt:  All students are expected to be in their seats and ready for class when the bell rings.  A student will be tardy if they are not in their seat when the bell rings.
  • Be Prepared:  All students are expected to arrive in class with all of their materials including textbook and workbooks, paper, pencil/pen, folder, binder.  Arriving to class without your materials 3 times will earn you a detention.  There will be no passes to go to your locker.
  • Be Mindful: Food (including gum), drinks (other than water), CD players, MP3 players and cell phones are not allowed in the classroom.  If these items are used in the classroom without teacher permission they will be confiscated and a DOR will be written.
  • Be Involved: Students are expected to participate in class by: 
    • Having all assignments completed before entering the classroom 
    • Taking notes during instruction 
    • Working on assignments and tasks given by your teacher 
    • Repeating after your teacher in pronunciation modeling 
    • Volunteering to ask and answer questions 
    • Practicing when in groups or pairs 
    • Helping others 
  • Be Positive: Student Behavior Statement: Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to their peers and teachers and refrain from using vulgar language, put downs or derogatory statements. Students should always conduct themselves in a respectful manner. No conduct will be tolerated that might endanger or threaten anyone in the class. Disruptive behavior, substance abuse, downgrading or disparaging remarks, and any other behavior that shows a lack of respect for the instructor or other students, will not be tolerated. At the teacher’s discretion, a student causing problems may be asked to leave the class for the session. If a student persists in causing problems, further disciplinary action will be taken, up and including dismissal from the class.

In the Computer Lab:

  • Sign-in: Check the workstation and note problems on the sign-in sheet.
    • No gum candy or drinks of any kind are allowed.
    • Keep talking to a minimum.
    • The playing of games and streaming of audio or video files is unacceptable. If you are found to be at a site other than the one assigned, your participation grade for the day will be zero and you will receive a detention for wasting class time.
  • Sign-out: Before you leave the computer lab you will log off, place the mouse on top of the monitor, push your chair in and generally leave your work space in better condition than it was when you arrived.

 General Classroom Procedures

  • Bell Work/Warm-up: Students take notebooks out, write date, write warm-up questions, and answer warm-up questions.
  • Preparation: Write down homework assignment; take out homework and other materials needed, prepare to go over daily warm-up questions and homework.
  • Instruction: Focus on the lesson, write down everything that the teacher writes on the board, listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • Practice: Model and repeat, pair work, group work or independent practice that focuses on the material presented.
  • Assessment: exercises, vocabulary or grammar quiz and homework check.
  • Dismissal: Class is not over until the teacher dismisses you.  Until that time, stay in your seat and remain focused.  Do not put away your materials early, or line up at the door. Before exiting the classroom, be sure to leave a tidy workspace for the next student.

 Make up work/Absences

  • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what classwork/assignments/quizzes/tests were missed during an absence.  Please do this before or after class only.  Check the Homework Website or the Homework folder in the classroom.
  • If you have an excused absence you have the same number of days absent to turn in your assignments.  It is your responsibility to submit make-up work within the allotted amount of time; afterwards it will not be accepted.  If you miss class for field trips or pre-arranged absences, you are expected to come to class the next day with all work prepared.
  • If you return to school on a test day and you have had prior knowledge of the test, you will be expected to take the test in class that day.  All missed tests will be taken upon return from the absence. 
  • If absences are unexcused, a “0” will be given for all missed work.


  • Homework will be assigned daily, and will be expected to be completed and brought to class the following day.  Throughout each grading period, homework will randomly be collected and graded. I will come around and check homework for completion. Please note: HOMEWORK MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE CREDIT! THERE WILL BE NO PARTIAL CREDIT!!
  • Late work: Late work will only be accepted the next class, however, there will be a 20% penalty. That means that the most you can earn on a late assignment is an 80%. If you still do not complete the work by the following class day, then you will spend either lunch or after school with me and complete the work for no credit. You will not get to choose which detention you will serve. I will also contact your parent/guardian to inform them of your missing work.


    • Vocabulary/Grammar quizzes will be given once a week. To study:
      • Go over your notes and say all of the words aloud to yourself.
      • Study the homework that we have covered.
      • Make lists, draw pictures, do anything creative to help you remember the material.
      • Study the words in a sentence.
      • Do the on-line exercises from your online edition and
      • Do the “A ver si puedo” section at the end of each chapter in your textbook.
    • Tests are given at the end of each chapter (every 3 weeks).
    • Exams are given at the end of each semester and will include all material covered during that semester.
    • Unannounced or Pop Quizzes:  On occasion short, two or three problem quizzes may be given during either the last or the first 5-10 minutes of a class period. Each quiz will include material covered in class up to that point, with particular emphasis on material covered on the most recent homework assignment. There will be no make-up quizzes. The quizzes should be a good indicator of where you stand in the class and are excellent preparation for the exams.


  • 3 Ring Binder or folder with pockets and brads
  • Dividers
  • Paper
  • Keep all homework & class work assignments and handouts in your folder in the order in which they are assigned/handed out.
  • Maintain 3 sections in your binder/folder:
    1. Handouts/notes
    2. Vocabulary
    3. Homework/class work
    4. Tests and Quizzes
  • Blue or Black ink Pens and pencils for writing in class
  • Red ink pens for grading and correcting homework in class 

Required Texts

Avancemos 4 and workbook. McDougall Littell.
Spanish/English Dictionary


Daily Spanish use in class (talks, discussion, questioning, presentations), daily homework (assigned reading, and comprehension exercises, assigned grammar exercises), weekly listening and reading logs, weekly grammar and vocabulary quizzes, 2 multi-paragraph compositions in Spanish, , unit tests, projects and presentations.



For each 6 weeks students will earn points in the following categories:  chapter tests, quizzes, homework, class work, projects, participation.  Grades will be uploaded to my website every two weeks.





Class work/Homework


Effort/Oral Participation                 



Grading Scale


97-100%   A

87-89%   B+

77-79%   C+

67-69%   D+

93-96%     A

83-86%   B

73-76%   C

63-66%   D

90-92%     A -

80-82%   B-

70-72%   C-

60-62%   D-


Class participation only counts for a portion of your final grade but it is a huge factor in your success on tests and quizzes. Class participation helps reinforce learning therefore, try to learn by:

    • coming to class prepared.
    • having all assignments completed before class
    • taking notes during instruction
    • working on assignments and tasks given by your teacher
    • repeating after your teacher in pronunciation modeling
    • volunteering to ask and answer questions
    • practicing when in groups or pairs
    • helping others
    • speaking in Spanish as much as possible


Student Agreement: I have thoroughly read and understood the course expectations and policies in this packet. I will honor this document.

Student Signature: ________________________________________________________ Class: _______________

Please print your name:_____________________________________________________ Date: ________________


Sra. Garcia Aguerrevere,

I understand and will support your plan. I understand the benefits of parent/teacher communication. I know I can reach you at school at 330-7724 ext. 50167 or via e-mail at any time. I will work collaboratively with you in the best interest of my child.

Parent Signature:__________________________________________________________ Date: _________________

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