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Keg Roasted Turkey


To date this has been the best turkey I have ever eaten, not sure how much of it was the novelty of cooking a 22lb turkey on a guys camping trip.
The turkey was brined overnight then cooked in a "Camp Chef Keg Roaster" on top of a "Camp Chef Stove".
The manual says will fit up to a 20lb bird but we had no problem with the 22lb bird. Cooking time was a bit less compared to a conventional oven.

Apparently these have been discontinued, here is a conversation with a camp chef rep,

Kj: Hi, how can i help you?
RICH: Dont you sell the keg roasters anymore?
Kj: No i am sorry, they have been discontinued and are no longer available
RICH: why they are such a great item.
Kj: I am not sure why, i believe most of the reason had to do with shipping
RICH: That's a shame I love the one I got. Thanks
Kj: You are welcome, have a great day!

So if you would like to try this you better get one soon