"Fattie" is a name used by some individuals, The "Bacon Explosion" is an example of a "Fattie but was trademarked and one can be had for a mere $35.00.
What is a Fattie. you ask... No... a Fattie isn't an overstuffed Joint or a girl with a with a plump ass.

The "Fattie" is yet another example of a recipe with endless variations. Basically its ground sausage or ground beef stuffed with whatever you can dream up and sometimes wrapped in bacon, some folks will make them without the bacon...not me!

Where did the name "Fattie come from? It may have originated on a forum, who knows.

You may notice that some of my recipes are not your typical (Ground Meat) fatties.

Below are links to my Fattie Creations.

And don't forget the bacon!!

 Fattie tips

  • 1 gallon Ziploc bags are great for rolling out and squaring up ground meat, you can make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them.
  • Some fatties can be made a day or two in advance then cooked, I suggest making them and letting them rest at least overnight some fatties (especially ones with the spices mixed in the ground meat will benefit from the rest), however when using ingredients that are cooked or warmed, I would suggest smoking them right away
  • Very wet and cheesy fatties are better after an hour rest, if you slice while very hot, a lot of the filling will run out
  • I just purchased a "fattie piston" that I will be testing, you can order one here for $10 and the profits go to a worthy cause.
  • Wrap the fattie in plastic wrap and hold each end tightly and roll, this will tighten up the fattie.
  • Use thick cut bacon and it can be rolled out and stretched for a larger fattie.