Apple Macintosh 128Kake

Happy 2nd Birthday to Engadget!!

 Let us take you back to a great time... engadget 1985...


Gathering all of the components:



Pouring in the circuit board substrates:

 Adding the RAM and CPU:

Lining up the circuit boards:

 All of the boards are now ready for assembly:










 Getting the solder ready for the circuit boards:







 Sometimes you have to spill a little blood (or red food coloring) to build a quality computer: 










 Gathering the keys for the keyboard:


Coating each individual key properly:









 Finally soldering the boards together:









 Painting the outside of the enclosure: 


 Beginning keyboard assembly:









 Carefully installing the monochrome display:









Painting on the keyboard lettering:










Attaching all peripheral connectors:

The system is complete, and ready for you to take home using a very convenient handle:












Fully hacked to boot the engadget OS:









 What a great user interface!!









 Hmm... doesn't seem to have internet access...





Now to open this baby up to see what makes it all work:


 So that's why Apple uses those colors in their logo....


Taste-testing some high-quality electronics:


Insanely great!