I am a computer programmer.  I wrote my first program round abouts 1980, in PDT11 basic, at the tender age of about 6.  It might have been 1981 and 7.  I remember what the program did.  The date, not so much.  It has been a hobby of mine all the way up to graduating and getting my first job as a Software Engineer.  I have over 15 years experience in industry, and over 30 years experience in just having fun.

This page is nothing more than a placeholder for various things I've done outside of work, and one or two things I need to reference in conversations often enough for it to be convenient to have them available.

Some of these date back rather a long way.

The Game of Life 

The game of life (a well known cellular automoton) rendered with time as the third dimension.

 Procedural Surfaces

ISO-Surfaces generated from combinations of 3D field primitives and modifiers (such as turbulence, noise and sine waves).  The scene itself is scripted in LUA, and rendered with OpenGL.  The surface generation does use an intermediate step of voxels, but retains the original field data for use in smoothing and calculating normals, which I think gives a much cleaner final result that the more traditional approaches.


This gets its own page

Sandy Eve (7DFPS 2012)

This game was made for the 2012 7DFPS challenge, and was playable 7 days from starting.  Written from scratch using C++ and Ogre. See this page.

Hawk (7DFPS 2013)

This game is being made for the 2013 7DFPS challenge.  Using Unity and C#.  See this page.