That's right, after 12 years together, we're got hitched! But we're both self-employed freelancers (which means we're broke) and we're living in two different countries! So we're asking for your help!

Joreth needs to get herself and all her stuff from Florida to Canada, to be with Franklin, and we had 2 separate, but simple, weddings because of the logistics of our relationship. This will take some serious cash! So we're asking our fans, family, and friends to help out however much they can in lieu of wedding gifts. After all, we've been adults for a long time now, so we have most of the sorts of things people get as wedding gifts. And, as much as we'd like to have all new things, we don't really need that much in terms of housewares and gifts but we do need capital to pull this whole thing off.

We also opened up both ceremonies and our reception to the public!  Thank you to everyone who joined us either in person or remotely on the live webcam.  We will be updating this site with pictures, video, sketches, and details of everything that went into our ceremonies, so you can even join us after the fact!