The Castle

We've chosen a Scottish peel tower near Carlisle, Gretna Green, and Dumfries, about 2-hours south of Glasgow, Scotland for SquiggleCon 2.0 / PolyDay North: 

"Full of history and romance, the Tower is unique as being the only Scottish peel tower (fortified house) standing now on English soil, situated in the heart of what was once “the debatable lands” now just in England but practically right on the border with Scotland and only 6 miles from the romantic Wedding capital of Scotland Gretna Green.

The present tower, dating from the 16th Century, stands in its own grounds with ample car parking facilities and acres of landscaped gardens.

The Tower was built in 1584 by the infamous border reiver Ritchie Graham on the site of an earlier tower perhaps dating back to the 13th Century.

All other tower houses of this style ended up being officially Scottish once the border was drawn up leaving Brackenhill a unique example of a Scottish Clan tower house built in the Scottish style but on English soil.

Around 1717 the 5th Richard Graham constructed the Jacobean Cottage to the South east of the tower. And further additions in 1860 was added by the Standish family who use the tower as a hunting lodge. At this time they also landscaped around the tower to provide a planned hunting landscape."

If you are traveling too far for a day trip and need to make overnight accommodations, Carlisle is the nearest town and there are a variety of hotels to choose from.