Big Mountain

(All Team Athletes Must Print, Sign and Return) 

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Eric DesLauriers- Big Mountain Head Coach
office: (530)452-4187
Lianne Nall - Big Mountain Ski Team Coordinator 
Big Mountain HOTLINE  (530)452-4187

Training Schedule

Big Mountain 2016-2017 Calendar
Holiday and Weekend Daily Schedule for Sport Teams
8:45am Drop off at Base of Red Dog Chair
11:15am Lunch on the sundeck of the Olympic House
2:30pm Pick Up at the Base of Red Dog Chair
Comp* Meeting Area/Mornings
All comp kids should meet in front of the Red Dog Building 8:30am sharp each morning for warm ups!
*Coaches: Kerry, Eli, Max, Dave, Chris, Tilen and Linsey 
Comp Mid-Week Training Schedule (must be signed up*)
Wednesday 1pm-3:30pm

Thursday 1pm-3:30pm

Friday 9am-12pm, 1pm-3:30pm

Please remember to check the hotline prior to training each day @


*Please send an email to Eric at to confirm 


Big Mountain Results

Big Mountain Scores are based on the following:
  • Line: difficulty/creativity of line
  • Technique: quality of linked turns, not any particular “style", but how the turns work with the terrain
  • Control: loss of control will result in reduction of points
  • Fluidity: how well the skier moves consistently, with no pauses, down the hill
  • Overall Impression


2017 Competition Schedule

Squaw Cup #1 January 14-15, 2017
Squaw Cup #2 February 18-19, 2017
Event Schedule, weather permitting:

Saturday-- 8:30am Mandatory Competitors Meeting – base of Red Dog
8:45am- 9:45am  Course Inspection
10am – 2:30pm  Competition Runs
Sunday-- 8:30am Mandatory Competitors Meeting – base of Red Dog
8:45am – 9:30am Course Inspection
10am -2:30pm  Competition Runs
Monday 11:15am  Awards – Sunken Pit area of the Sun Deck, O-House


TJFS / IFSA Regional Comps:
  1. January 6-8, 2017 at Sugar Bowl

  2. January 27-29, 2017 at Squaw/Alpine.

  3. February 23-26, 2017 at Squaw/Alpine

  4. March 24-26, 2017 at Mount Rose

IFSA National Comps which we are considering:

  1. January 13-16, 2017 at Snowbird, UT

  2. January 18-21, 2017 at Red Mountain, BC

  3. February 3-5, 2017 at Kicking Horse, BC

  4. February 9-12, 2017 at Squaw/Alpine.

  5. March 3-5, 2017 at Crystal Mountain, WA

  6. March 9-12, 2017 at Kirkwood

  7. March 17-19, 2017 at Grand Targhee, WY

  8. March 16-19, 2017 at Whistler, BC (Senior Trip?)

  9. Championships  April 5-9, 2017  (locationTBD)

 RESPECT VIDEO (please watch)