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       sQuaricon-3 - the Magic square of its kind

sQuaricon-3 is a pattern-matching game with 105 starting positions, 6+ game modes and three-dimensional gameboard defined by its on-torus based game mechanics. For more information please follow this link: Move the Gameboard 

It is an easy-to-learn game with the task to 'move the tokens until matching correctly' player has to make between 1 and 5 optimal moves before moving to next round!

In combination with an original game pattern derived from CMean matrix (CMean ©2006), creative fun-to-play game modes, contemporary gameplay and player's individual skill level the game is able to deliver lifetime entertainment!  

As Abhinavagupta said:

'To study magic squares is to study the self; 
To study the self is to forget the self;
To forget the self is to be enlightened'.


Don't forget - brain games have an irreplaceable role in keeping our mental life healthy!

        ' B l a c k  S w a n '  l o g i c  g a m e 

sQuaricon-3 is out of the crowd by many of its features besides its unique pattern and exciting game mechanics. It is a full-blooded mobile game that takes seconds per round and minutes per session...  Its unique point of difference on the mobile game market could be found in a few comparable games:

Tic Tac Toe* (the 1st game ever 5000 Years ago)
Rubik’s Cube (40+ Years ago)
Tetris (some 30+ Years ago)
Shariki (20 +Years ago)    
Bejeweled 2 (15 Years ago)
Blendoku (innovative color matching game)
Cut the Rope (innovative mob game)
Dots / Dots and Co.
Toon Blast
Angry Birds Blast
Make Hexa!
Roll the Ball

game logo - not an artwork

G a m e  s c o p e

sQuaricon-3 Mobile has 4 basic game modes: 

Duel (Player vs. Player)

        P a s t  t i m e - l i n e  

I've spent several Years to construct gameboard series from own original matrix. Another time-consuming job has been to make gameboard mechanicsrulesplaying modes, and then to develop the working PC prototype (C++/OpenGL, 2008.with ad hoc PC team and experienced software engineer Mr. Gordan Sikic

Now we will apply new flat graphics layout that fits current mobile paradigm. 

puzzle solved 

Note: All illustrations are NOT AN ARTWORK

        C r o s s - p l a t f o r m   d e v e l o p m e n t 

For the mobile version, the new team has experimented with several game-play scenarios. Intentionally for this purpose in 2011-2015 we've developed 3 bracelet games (on Android). Later, in 2014. we have developed Tondo Jigsaw for mobile handhelds, and at the end of 2015, we developed a Beta version of Rollin' Tiles on the Unity3D platform.

sQuaricon-3 Mobile Game Project is in development.

sQuaricon-3 applies on Torus game mechanics with Fake 3D gameboard... We are finding it's multi symmetrical patterns inspiring for the art and sound.  

'M a r i o'  a m o n g  t h e  P u z z l e r s

Finally, we can say: here is an eternal pattern, fun, and elusive gameboard mechanics as the certain basis for big sQuaricon Game Series.

Looking forward to your role in this story!

Goran Umicevic
sQuaricon Prague,
the Czech Republic

Squaricon Toy

* NEW (unlimited): Download free PC-DEMO version of sQuaricon-3 and check out the uniqueness of magic squares of its kind.
*Note: as 'demo-game' - it lacks many gameplay features.

* View our Projects Rollin' Tiles, Tondo Jigsaw