About Bracelet Games & How to Play them?

   At Squaricon Game Studio we are passionate fans of brain games. We truly love them and enjoy designing them:)

Welcome to the web page dedicated to our bracelet game titles!

Domino Bracelet  

Domino, Digit and Grand Bracelet are genuine and intelligent match-3 puzzle games for mobile devices developed by Squaricon game company in 2012. These games are based on simple game-mechanics of swapping tokens (dominoes, digits or jewels) by gesture of taping on device's screen. With the task to 'complete the bracelet' player has to swap tokens until they perfectly match by their color!

Depending of accomplished level (1-8) and tokens starting position, rounds in bracelet games have its time limitations as well as predefined number of expandable swap moves. In order to compete with the task successfully player is challenged to choose his best time/swap strategy and adopt his skills as soon as possible to ever-changing bracelet starting situation.

For each solved bracelet, in respect of time/swaps ratio, player receives rating of 1, 2 or 3 STARS. Consequently, for 3 STARS collected one acquire's reward of a level-up token. To be able to progress from one level to the next player has to collect 4 of these level-up tokens!    

Bracelet games have 8 different levels, responsive on-line leaderboard and a background story of city administration career succession. Player starts as an apprentice (level 1), progress through levels of clerk, inspector, chief, manager, deputy mayor, councilor and finally reaches position of a mayor (level 8). After completing the session player is offered to submit his/her accomplished score to his/her city leaderboard.     

How to play bracelet games? 

Bracelets are played by swapping tokens (dominoes, digits or jewels) until they perfectly match by their color! To do so you have two types of swap moves at your disposal (small swap or big swap).     

Each starting position of your bracelet brings differently mismatched tokens! But, remember every and any bracelet can be completed in 1,2,3 or 4 swaps respectively. If you waste all optimum swaps (the GREEN ones) keep in mind that you still have up to 4 additional swaps (the RED ones) to finish current round successfully. Reward/forward arrows (bellow the bracelet) are used to redo/undo a swap that's already done - in case you've changed your mind:) 

When you have completed the bracelet tap anywhere inside it to stop on-going win animation and make your game more dynamic. When you do so from level of CLERK (level 2) above, you'll also acquire an extra - BONUS - points. Don't forget - as faster as you tap more bonus you'll gain!  

These games are skill based, so be patient and learn to swap wisely! Soon enough you'll master the bracelet and compete with other players from your city leaderboard! 

Enjoy the originals!!

               your Squaricon team