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Temporary Suspension of Monday Night Workshops


A Fun Link

Check out these

virtual square dance groups on Facebook.

Search for “virtual square dance.” Darren

Gallina, David Mee and Mike Seastrom are

doing these. Buddy Weaver also has one-

couple dances that can be downloaded for free:



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Square Dancing Fun and Friendship
That's what the Lads 'N' Lassies is all about. Our members range in age from kids to senior adults.  So "How do I get started?"

We meet at the Wilkinson Center for classes, and we also have special events at the Wilkinson Center where we have plus-level club dances with dancers from all around Southern California, lots of special food, and great fun.

You can learn more about what the Lads 'N' Lassies are doing by looking at our calendar and adding it to your own, also Like us on Facebook.or read our "Highland Fling" Newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Square Dancing?

Like we said, it is fun and fellowship set to music. But, there are a bunch of reasons to square dance. . .  like getting away from that computer you're sitting at right now.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you want to the lessons each week. Most people come in jeans/shorts/etc.

About halfway through the year you will start going to regular dances in addition to the classes. At the dances we see everything from jeans to fancy western outfits for the men. The women prefer to wear those fun square dance dresses that look so pretty when they twirl, but most any dress works at a square dance.

With many special theme dances throughout the year, a lot of us wear theme-related costumes too.

Why is Everyone Square Dancing?

Do you enjoy people, want to increase your circle of friends, like to party and enjoy all kinds of music and dancing? Want to participate in an easy form of fun and healthy exercise where you'll work up a smile instead of a sweat? Then you would love being part of today's fastest growing form of social dancing: MODERN SQUARE DANCING!

Yes, we still Do Si Do, but we also Slip the Clutch, Back Track and Scoot Back. These steps and more will get your "Boots a scootin'" across the dance floor on your very first night. So come on, join the fun - Couples, Singles and Families are ted.

"But I can't dance." Someone once said it should be called "square walking" rather than "square dancing" because you mainly walk in patterns from one place to another. Everyone messes-up at one point or another which leads to laughing and working together to get back on track.

Square Dance Music

People square dance to all types of music from Country Western to 50's to pop. Square dance callers sing part of the song and mix in  square dance calls while doing it.  

What Is Square Dancing All About?

View Some Online Lessons

Lists over 25,000 dance events around the world for your dancing pleasure!