Welcome, Future Dance Friends

You2CanDance.com -- great site providing information on square, round and contra dancing.

Also, please take this link to find a wealth of information to help you understand the many benefits of dancing, and to learn what square dance, round dance, and contra dance are.  This site is sponsored by some great folks in Nova Scotia, Canada.  It would be my hope that at some future time, we could present such information but geared to our local audience.

The first stated purpose of our NEMA organization is to "Encourage lessons and other activities to allow new dancers to join the activity".  One such activity is promoting "open dances" in which barriers do not exist that would exclude folks from coming out and sharing the dance experience with us. 

Open dances do not require:
  • prior dance experience
  • a partner
  • special clothes (but you will want clean comfortable footwear)

Open Dances

Contra Dancing in Midland, MI (singles friendly, no experience needed - a good way to expose friends to the joys of dancing).