NEMA - NorthEastern Michigan Association of Square Dance & Round Dance Clubs

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NEMA is a group of square dance and round dance clubs located in the NorthEast part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Our purpose is to promote square dancing and round dancing in this area by:

    • Encouraging lessons and other activities to allow new dancers to join the activity

    • Publishing dances of the member clubs and encouraging interaction between the clubs

    • Sponsoring organization dances with the intention of bringing in well known out-of-the-area callers to increase and enhance the experiences of local dancers by exposing them to a greater variety of callers.

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We're sorry to announce that NEMA has officially "retired" effective Oct 9, 2016.

We've hosted our last association dance. After Dec 2016, the sole remaining club is Durand Locomotions.

Sunday, Oct 9, we enjoyed our last association dance dancing to Ken Burke and Richard Reinhard. At that dance, president Rita Seeburger announced that this would be the last NEMA association dance. Attendance has dwindled and it no longer makes sense to host dances for such small "crowds".

We've had a good run. We've had lots of clubs, lots of dancers, lots of fun through the years. We appreciate all of you. You've made dancing a great activity for all of us.

Special thanks are due the current NEMA board who for the past 15 or so years have served us so well. I think we sometimes just expect that the organization goes on all by itself. But of course, it's the efforts of our presidents Rita & George, vice presidents (and "building managers") Gary & Elaine, treasurers Bob & Cathy, and secretaries Tom & Shirley that have enabled us to dance in recent years. Thank you!

And of course, there were many before them that helped our organization thrive. Many of us remember when Freeland was the site for our association dances. Times change. Square dancing isn't what it once was. But we always remember the great folks and great times we've had.