South East Midland Informal Group

Chairperson - Susie Kelly 

Notes from the meeting on 23 March 2013

Thank you to all who made it to the meeting.  So sorry that Howard had to turn back due to the weather. Also sorry that Nick was prevented from coming yet again.  I do hope everyone managed the return journey safely.  We are so impressed by your commitment to coming to the meetings and also for the dancers, and partners, support in spite of a chilly start.   **All stars**

Please note that the dates for the next meetings are:

April 20th at Gayton –

May no meeting with only 2 weekends to choose from again not enough to meet. And we are on holiday one week.

June 8th at Gayton.

July to be agreed later.  

August no meeting

Please do get your School places booked.  I fear this will be the last such school so make the most of it.  Callers Club Council have made tremendous efforts to organise this and I can't tell you how disillusioned and disappointed we shall be if we don't get enough students to make it go.   Caller training will have to be done differently so it doesn't cost CC so much money.  Even with a minimum of 10 students the subsidy is enormous. 

Jerry's method of Choreo management was an eye opener to those of us who attended the last one and as you know I have been trying to describe to the best of my ability how he changed the way I look at the FASRs of the dancers, especially the relationships.  Possibly for those of us who have been calling for 30 years the change to our way of thinking comes hard.  However as Paul has found, as a newer caller, with not too many neural pathways fixed, Jerry's ideas have been helpful and fascinating.  There does seem to be a better understanding now and hopefully exploring the new concept will inspire your choreography and even help you when writing stuff. 

RIGHT, to business... As you know I love to create choreography which is interesting, both for us callers to work with and for the dancers to get surprised with - in a nice way.  I've thought of a way that you can call cast of 3/4 three time consecutively that feels nice to dance and good practice provided the dancers are able.  Not perhaps for students.

It starts with a mini wave in the across the centre of a diamond.  In fact it's an hourglass formation.  Look it up in your files. 

How to get to this formation and still be calling MS:

Start with either a two-faced line or a wave.  Have the centre box circulate 1 1/2 and there you are. 

It is simple at Plus to get to this formation but it would require the centre two to Hinge, in which case you would need to call Diamond Circulate before calling the first cast 3/4 (You can't call Cast 3/4 straight after a Hinge).  Are you with me so far?

From the Hour Glass formation the very centres can cast 3/4, then cast 3/4 with the ends of that wave/line which takes them back to the parallel wave/line for the third cast 3/4.

See what you can make of this.  Work on some different ways to start it.  I tried it from normal facing lines, centre four only, boy walk girl dodge or vice versa then they can circulate  1-1/2 to the Hour Glass.  This makes the final cast 3/4 feel different.    Have a go at this and we can use it to enhance our calling next time.

Also see if you can write a singer.  Choose the simplest version of what you find.  We mustn't giddyfy the dancers with this so when we're calling, separate the times you use it.  The casts are in different directions each time and only the very centres will do all three so it shouldn't be too bad for them.

We'll do some more line identification and a game or two.  I have thought up some more ideas for that.



9.30                 arrive and set up, tea/coffee

10.00               free calling

11.00               using  3 cast off 3/4s

12.00               lunch

12.45               fun and games

1.45                 singing calls with 3 cast off 3/4s

BRING DANCERS   PLEASE PLEASE  (try asking different ones.)

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