International Association of Square Dance Callers

Grand Square, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of square dancing as an American folk art form.
The International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.
A non-profit educational organization for round dance leaders world-wide

Round Dance Council, Affiliate of the S.D.C.C.G.B. 


London and Home Counties Regional Callers AssociationAffiliate of the S.D.C.C.G.B.

Northern Counties Regional Callers Association, Affiliate of the S.D.C.C.G.B.

Wessex Regional Callers Association, Affiliate of the S.D.C.C.G.B.

Homepage of the West Of England Regional Callers Association, Affiliate of the S.D.C.C.G.B.

The complete 'Sets In Order' Magazine collection in searchable .pdf files   New LINK !!   

The Square Dance Radio Network     New LINK !!   
Your Internet Radio Home for All Things Square Dancing - GREAT SITE !!!

An Archive of Caller Note Services

RPM (Recruit, Promote & Maintain)
A joint committee set up by the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain and the British Association of American Square Dancers to help clubs recruit new dancers, promote Square Dancing to the public and maintain the numbers recruited.

BAASDC (British Association of American Square Dance Clubs)
Everything you could ever want to know about American Square Dancing and the clubs that support this great activity in Great Britain
The homepage for the European Callers and Teachers Association e.V.
The home page for Danish Callers (pages in English and Danish)

The home page for the Callers Club of Australia (pages in English and Aus)
The original community homepage for Western Square Dancing (a wealth of information on clubs, resources, information, websites, etc.)

Vic Ceder's website where you can find just about anything to do with square dance calling including his music-management program

A computer music-management program for callers (Freeware)

For Square Dance Music & MP3 Files

For Square Dance Music & MP3 Files

For Square Dance Music & MP3 Files

New Square Music   New LINK !!   New Square Music is devoted to creating square dance music that can be used by callers when working with new square dancers using modern music systems. For this reason callers and dancers may find our music

Riverboat Records   New LINK !!  
For Square Dance Music & MP3 Files

For Square Dance Records, Music & MP3 Files

For Square Dance Records, Music & MP3 Files

For Square Dance Music & MP3 Files

A guide to sight calling by Tom Perry (published on the web, available for downloading, as the original book is out of print)