Cuer's Representative

Previous Member

I started dancing quite by accident at the tender age of 5 when I was dragged into a demo’ square to make up numbers during “Expo Steam” in Peterborough. I subsequently learned to do it properly at Shirts and Skirts in Ipswich, dancing with my parents.

When an American couple (Jim & Ruth Price) were stationed at Bentwaters I took the opportunity to learn to Round Dance with my parents and my younger sister and we graduated as a family in 1979. About this time I met Paul and he learned to square dance with Suffolk Promenaders while I carried on with Rounds and gradually began cueing the odd record on club nights (usually “New York, New York”). Some time later Paul learned to Round Dance under the teaching of Jan Farnell and he graduated as well. Out of the blue in 1984 I was approached by Buttons & Bows SDC and asked to teach their club to Round Dance. Using hastily sourced second-hand equipment and with a limited repertoire Red Rose RDC was formed and we began teaching to a class in excess of 20 couples in Kentford near Newmarket.

To help me with my cueing I joined the Callers Club of Great Britain. I assisted with the introduction of a “Cuer’s Section” and became the first Cuer’s Representative. I also established the British Cuer and Teacher Accreditation scheme with help from Susie & Gert-Jan Rothscheid (Cuer’s Rep for ECTA).

Over the years I have had the honour of cueing at Festivals, Conventions, Jamborees and dance “Specials” throughout the U.K. and Europe, in particular at European Conventions in the U.K. and Germany.

Not only does Paul help me during our workshop sessions he also cues which is a great help when the ‘day job’ gets in the way. Over the years he has developed into quite a proficient cuer and teacher and even gets his own bookings!! Nowadays Paul and I try to dance as often as possible
although a full diary of cueing bookings makes this difficult at times.