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posted Feb 25, 2011, 3:29 PM by Dmitriy Zilberman Foreclosure discussion forum is open to all distressed home owners.  Post your questions and we will answer them within 24 hours.  Please be as detailed as possible when it comes to describing your location and the issues you have with your mortgage lender or your home value, but DO NOT post any confidential information such as your home address, account numbers, Etc. 


Here is a good example of what a detailed question should look like.


Hi I'm John B. in Louisville, KY St. Matthews area.

I purchased my home for $225,000 in 2006 and now it is worth $175,000 at best.  My mortgage loan balance is $195,000.  I'm not late on my mortgage yet but I have to take a much less paying job in another state after being laid off more than a year ago.  I have exhausted all of my savings and don't have the ability to write a check for the difference on my mortgage balance and the realistic sale price of my house.  What are my options? 

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