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Short Sale

It is very unfortunate that our country is suffering such huge mortgage, and overall economic downturn. In fact, many say it is our biggest economic downturn since the “Great Depression”, and many honest hardworking people are victimized by this historic event. To make this problem even worse, most people do not have the necessary knowledge, and experience to fight back. Thousands of people drop their gloves, and walk away leaving their homes behind. This results in much greater financial losses for homeowners, and believe it or not the banks know this is not good for their business either. Banks spend thousands of dollars on legal actions, and then sue homeowners again to recover all legal fees, and mortgage deficiency created by the sale of homeowner’s properties for often way less than could be obtained if the house did not go to Courthouse Auction. It is not uncommon, for these future balances to be in the 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars. Needless to say, the emotional toll that this tragedy takes on individuals, their children, families, marriages, and everyone else involved needs to be avoided if possible.
There is Hope
With help of qualified real estate professionals, homeowners may be able to sell their house for less than they owe, and avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, and deficiency balances. Lenders are eager to save money in this difficult economy, and are willing to make deals formerly considered unrealistic.
Possible Solutions
  • Sell property at short sale
  • Get lender to write off the deficiency on the sale of house
  • Rate reduction/Refinance
  • Mortgage modification
  • Rent troubled property to another family, and help homeowner get back on track with their lender
 Benefits To Homeowner
  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Avoid deficiency
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Reduce negative impact on credit score.
  • Reduce emotional distress
  • Best of All We Get Paid By the Bank or Buyers as Part of The Deal
What we Do
  • Negotiate First Mortgage Liens
  • Negotiate Second, Third and any subsequent Mortgage Liens
  • Negotiate Cross Collateral Liens
  • Negotiate Civil penalty Liens
  • Negotiate Mechanic’s Liens
  • Negotiate Judgment Liens
  • Negotiate State Income Tax Liens
  • Negotiate Federal Income Tax Liens
  • Collaborate with Attorneys to secure additional assets.
  • Collaborate with TAX Professionals to minimize tax liability on discharged debt
No Matter What HOMEOWNER’S Situation is, We Will Treat Them with Fairness, and Impose No Judgment!
There is no crystal ball or magic formula for solving this life altering problem. However, there are keys for unlocking the solution for just about any problem in this world. TIME MONEY KNOWLEDGE, and quiet often it only takes two of those important keys. It is pretty safe to assume that homeowner who is facing foreclosure does NOT have much MONEY, so that leaves us with homeowner’s TIME and our KNOWLEDGE. It is crucial for homeowner take action long before financial difficulty becomes a threat to their home. Homeowners should NOT wait for Bank to file for FORECLOSURE, start COLLECTIONS, or even miss one payment. Homeowners can greatly increase their chances of successfully solving this problem, by getting professional help as soon as they realize that it is only a matter of TIME before they become delinquent on any or all of their debt.
Every case is unique, and requires complete homeowner’s, and lien holder’s cooperation.

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