About us

Thousands of Home Owners are facing foreclosure due to the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1930's. 

Our goal is to help distressed homeowners overcome the obstacles they are facing in the process of trying to save their homes from foreclosure. 

While most of us think of commercial banks as part of private sector and NOT as of bureaucratic wing of state or federal government, the truth of the matter is just the opposite.  Most of large US based commercial banks are so big and so poorly managed, and overwhelmed by volume of defaulting loans that they are now acting just as slow and as inefficiently as government agencies.  Needless to say that US banking industry has been so highly regulated by government in the last decade.  Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac, HUD, VA, Farmer Mac, and other lending bodies can no longer take a breath more-less make a decision without approval from US congress of Senate.  Whether your loan is already in bank's foreclosure pipeline and NOD or Notice of Default has been issued, or court ordered Sheriff's / Master Commissioner's sale has been scheduled, or your family is just now approaching the point of running out of savings, you MUST act fast and under no circumstances try to do it alone.  Time and professional help are your keys to success!  Be vigilant and avoid scams, as a lot of people will attempt to take advantage of distressed homeowners and ask for Fees to negotiate a settlement with the bank or better yet ask a homeowner to Quit Claim property to them.  No reputable company should ever ask you to pay for negotiation of Short Payoff or Short sale.  We always get paid by the bank from settlement proceeds at closing.