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Hello All! Yes, I finally arrived and begun to settle into my new surroundings!  Some of you wanted to write me! You are more than welcome to; I would love the mail.  My address is below! I look forward to reading your letters!! Hugs!

Felicia L. Squaire

c/o GEMS American Academy-Qatar

P.O. Box 82846 

Al Wakrah








NUT Free Planet.com

NO CASHEWS!Ms. Squaire's class this year is a NUT FREE ZONE! Please click on the link below if you need to find NUT FREE friendly snacks for your child's lunch!Click here for the NEW AND IMPROVED SuperMarket brands you can pack in your child's lunch!

Once again, I ask that you are mindful when packing students’ lunches! Thank you for your continued support.





FYI- We have one student that has a FATAL Shellfish allergy if ingested.

Thanks for being so supportive!


What's good to eat in the cafeteria?



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     Welcome to Ms.¨'s Classroom Site  

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Hello my sweeties! I am in QATAR!!! Please do SKYPE me!  My Skype name is


Also Qatar is 8 hours AHEAD of the US.  I look forward to staying in touch!!


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