Microsoft SQL Server 


Welcome to the world of Microsoft SQL Server! Here is finally a client/server database product that can deliver world-class performance at a price that most enterprises can afford not only to purchase, but also to support. SQL Server’s ease of use, coupled with the incredible feature set that accompanies it, delivers enterprise-level client/server computing to everyone. Microsoft SQL Server Black Book will focus on the tasks involved in harnessing Microsoft SQL Server’s capabilities to create a solid production data server. This book focuses on the current release of Microsoft SQL Server while using many techniques that can be applied as far back as version 4.21. Writing Microsoft SQL Server Black Book has been the most challenging task I have undertaken in a long time. I was asked to write it to fill a void in the market, to deliver a book that focuses on creating production servers with hands-on, step-by-step processes for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server. I have tried to keep the language of the book as plain-English and matter-of-fact as possible, because that is the way I teach. I have supplied you with substantial technical background, while also supplying numerous examples. This book can be used as a tutorial or desktop reference to help you get Microsoft SQL Server to fulfill your organization’s needs. I have been through many classes as a student and as an instructor—about topics ranging from adult learning principles to Microsoft SQL Server Administration. From these classes, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge that can be applied to creating a solid production data server with Microsoft SQL Server. I want to share that with you and help you head off the problems that you may encounter configuring your servers. I am a business owner, a consultant, a DBA, and a teacher’s most likely are many of you. I have fought and continue to fight the same battles that you do on a daily basis. That is why I think this book can be such a great value to you! Hopefully my experience will help you develop solid database systems in your Microsoft SQL Server environment. Each chapter is broken into two sections. The first part of each chapter presents explanatory material about the chapter topics. The second page of this first part is a blank Administrator’s Notes page, for you to write on and refer back to later. The first part of the chapter ends with a Summary section, which is a bulleted list of the important points of the chapter. The second part of each chapter (the Practical Guide) supplies you with some step-by-step tasks that reinforce the content of the chapter and provide hands-on practice. Chapters 1to3 cover the installation and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server for both development and production environments. Chapter 4 explains the setup and terminology needed to implement replication between SQL servers. Chapters 5 to9 discuss the SQL language and the many objects that can be created for and utilized in client/server applications. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 cover the troubleshooting and tuning skills you will need to support your system over the long haul. One of the points I emphasize in this book is that you can solve any technical problem you are facing with the tools available to you. What are those tools? How do you research answers to your questions? How do you know if you can trust the sources you consult? How do particular features really work, and will they work for you? I cover all these questions and more in the pages of this book. I hope that you enjoy reading it this as much as I have writing it