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Pre-Cons will be held on 10/09/2015 from 9AM - 5PM - Lunch will be provided

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Adam Jorgensen / Jason Strate / Steve Hughes / Anthony Martin

Pragmatic Works

Building World Class Data Organizations

Many data organizations today are struggling to define and attain maturity. The diversity in data platforms, BI tools, user needs and vendor stories is dizzying. The teams themselves are struggling to keep up and their knowledge gaps weaken confidence and that keeps them from focusing on innovation for the organization.
Successful data strategy and teams are world class. They are the crossroad between technology and the business' insight and ability to innovate. We will teach you how to identify the blind spots in your strategy, educate and empower your team, and start producing for your business faster than even before.

Together, we will design your world class data organization and team including:
·         Setting organizational and team values
·         Defining your scope of practice and capabilities
·         Planning for a strong relationship between company strategy and your team
·         Creating world class processes
·         Building your world class execution plan
·         Systems for turning data technologists into organizational leaders

Management and technologists will enjoy this session together. Management will get the tools and confidence pulled straight from our global experience. Technologists will love seeing how they can quickly take the hard work they are doing and focus it in ways that will drive big results and confidence from their business. Every business wants to move faster, make better decisions and be more connected. The only way to do that is when your data strategy is world class. Let's build it together!


Bill Preachuk


Hadoop Essentials for the SQL Server Professional

This session provides a rich technical overview of Apache Hadoop 2.3 (both Hortonworks Data Platform [HDP] and Microsoft HDInsight), specifically focused for the needs of SQL Server developers and DBAs.

We will lead off with an overview of several relevant projects of the Hadoop ecosystem covering HDFS, MapReduce, Tez, Hive, Pig, HCatalog, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka/Storm, and Spark at a minimum. We then dig deep into a series of data-processing demos, highlighting what is most valuable to SQL Server pros and focusing on Hive (the Hadoop SQL variant). We examine core Hive concepts such as partitioning, bucketing, ORC file format, compression, and vectorization, to equip you to expand your existing T-SQL and data skills into HiveQL/Hadoop. To wrap up, we discuss real-world knowledge gleaned from successful Hadoop implementations and show you how to implement common use cases in Hadoop.

About Bill

Bill Preachuk is is employed by Hortonworks as a Systems Architect. He is also a SQL Server MCTS with plenty of years spent in the SQL Server DBA/Developer/DW trenches. 

Bill has been in IT since 1991 and has presented at multiple SQL Saturdays along with PASS/Hadoop/Analytics user group meetings in the Twin Cities, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Winnipeg.


Ed Leighton-Dick

Kingfisher Technologies

SQL Server Security Master Class



1 Day




Database Administrators


200-300 (Intermediate)


SQL Server, with an emphasis on SQL Server 2012 and later


Course Description

Are your SQL Servers protected as well as they could be?  In this full-day course, Ed Leighton-Dick will lead participants in a tour of SQL Server security.  The discussion will begin by giving all participants a common, thorough understanding of the authentication and authorization structures of the data platform, regardless of past experience, followed by a series of topics to apply that knowledge.  By the end of the day, participants will gain familiarity with tools and techniques they can use to protect their systems from common threats.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for database administrators and others responsible for maintaining the security of database systems.

Course Topics

Topics to be addressed in this course include the following:

·         Authentication and authorization structures

·         Securing server-to-server communications

·         Cloud security

·         Common threats

·         Defenses

·         Monitoring the security infrastructure

·         New security features planned for SQL Server 2016

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will understand:

·         Current threats to their SQL Server environment

·         How to implement SQL Server’s built-in security features to defend against threats

·         How to monitor the security framework they have implemented


Attendees with the following experiences will benefit the most from this course:

·         1-3 years experience administering SQL Server databases in some capacity

A copy of the reference slides and demonstrations will be provided to attendees for reference and experimentation in their environments.

About Ed

Ed Leighton-Dick is a SQL Server performance and architecture expert with over twenty-three years of experience in development, database administration, and system administration.  In 2014, he founded Kingfisher Technologies, a consultancy focused on SQL Server performance, architecture, and security.  Ed volunteers his time with PASS, including roles as Midwest Regional Mentor, Chapter Leader of I-380 PASS SQL Server User Group, and organizer of SQLSaturday Iowa City.  He can often be found teaching sessions at local, regional, and national events, including user groups, SQLSaturday events, 24 Hours of PASS, and Iowa Code Camp.  Outside of work, he is a devoted husband, father of two beautiful girls, and beginning runner.

Ed can be reached through his blog, edleightondick.com, and on Twitter at @eleightondick.


Mark Vaillancourt 

Tail Wind Technologies

Click, Click, WOW: The Exciting World of Power BI

With Power BI, Microsoft makes working with data even easier… AGAIN. After years of enabling IT and Power Users, they have released a new set of capabilities that truly enables EVERYONE. The NEW Power BI includes a cloud service, PowerBI.com, as well as a FREE, standalone application that combines Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View into a single environment completely independent of Excel called Power BI Desktop.


This Pre-Con will cover the entire Power BI user experience, from creating dashboards in the Service to using Power BI Desktop to create data models that help you get the answers you need.


Power BI Service

·         What is Power BI?

o   General offering overview

·         Datasets

o   Importing data from a number of sources, both on-premises and in the cloud

o   Scheduling data refresh

·         Reports

o   Visualization overview

o   Pinning Reports to a Dashboard

·         Dashboards

o   Putting it all together in Tiles

o   Using natural language search to create new Tiles

o   Sharing your Dashboard with others

·         Configuration

o   Setting up the Power BI Personal Gateway to access on-premises data

o   Managing Groups for sharing and collaboration


Power BI Desktop

·         Getting/Transforming Data (Power Query)

o   Importing data from a number of sources, both on-premises and in the cloud

o   Renaming, combining, splitting columns

o   Changing formatting like Capitalization and removing unwanted spaces

o   Creating new columns

o   Replacing invalid values

o   Brief introduction to the M language

·         Designing Your Data Model (Power Pivot)

o   Creating relationships between tables

o   Using DAX to bring your model to life

o   Modelling and DAX Best Practices

·         Visualizing Data (Power View)

o   Choosing from the vast array of visualizations

o   Configuring visualizations for color, formatting, etc

o   High-level data visualization best practices


Microsoft’s goal with Power BI has been, “Five minutes to WOW!” Imagine how many WOWs we can get in a full day pre-con!

About Mark

Mark is a SQL Server MVP and a Business Intelligence Consultant for Tail Wind Technologies Corporation. He has been working with SQL Server since 2007 and holds the MCITP – Business Intelligence Developer 2008 certification. With a background in Theater and Improvised Comedy, Mark makes sure that his presentations are both informative and fun.