Pre-Cons will be held on 09/28/12 from 9AM - 5PM/Box lunch will be provided

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Dan English & Brian Larson

Unlocking Insight - Be a Data Hero

Today, gaining insight from an organization’s data is not a luxury, but a necessity - no matter what that organization’s size and specialty. This all-day pre-conference session will equip DBAs, developers, and BI professionals alike to utilize the powerful data analysis arsenal offered by Microsoft. Together we will learn to use tools such as PowerPivot, Power View, Reporting Services, and the Tabular BI Semantic model in an agile approach that minimizes time to insight and maximizes return on investment. Along the way we’ll explore methods to empower subject matter experts making them partners in this pursuit.

By the end of the day you’ll discover that you don’t need to be a full-time BI specialist to be your organization’s Data Hero!


Ted Krueger

Make Me A Tuning Believer

Are you an accidental DBA or developer that has been told to make a T-SQL query run faster?  How many times have you heard complaints from the business about a report taking 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or longer to run?  Did you go to a class, training, or past session and find yourself lost in the mix of execution plan operations and indexing and scans?

Start over. Come to this class to build your query and execution plan tuning skills from beginning to end.  We'll focus on the everyday DBA's and developer's needs for tuning, and build up to more advanced methods which can be taken directly to work and bring immediate improvements in performance.

The workshop will show you skills that revolve around what you will see most commonly in an everyday database shop, such as:
  • The life cycle of a transaction
  • Preventing bad T-SQL coding practices
  • Reading an Execution Plan
  • Plan Cache and Monitoring
  • Execution Plan Tuning
  • Capturing bad execution plans that need to be tuned