GUI Graphical User Interface Client for the SQLite Database



SQLiteTool is a GUI Client for the SQLite Database. Supports both versions 2 and 3 of SQLite. Available on multiple platforms (Windows and Linux). Easy installation with no additional software requirements.

Useful for experienced developers. Convenient for beginners to start learning SQL. The SQLiteTool includes the SQLite engine so there is no need to download and install the database.


2008-10-18 Problem with starting application if database was moved. (1.1) 

2008-04-15 Issues with multiple transactions. (1.0) 

2007-01-13 Fixed autocommit feature. (0.9)  2006-10-01 Added Grid window for queries. (0.7)

2005-09-01 Added sqlite_master table to tree. (0.5)
2005-08-22 Added Support for SQLite Version 2. (0.4)
2005-02-06 Initial. (0.3)


About SqLiteTool:

This tool was written in Python. Additional components include wxPython, py2exe, pySqLite and of course the SqLite database engine.



Sigurdur Petursson, Other Projects: SiteLinkUtil - Link Verification Utility for Windows and Linux.



Screenshot of SQLiteTool in Windows XP.


sqlitetool_09b.tar.gz (4.73 MB) Precompiled Binaries for Linux.

sqlitetoolsetup_13.exe (4.80 MB) Precompiled Binaries for Windows.

sqlitetoolsetup_11.exe (4.80 MB) Precompiled Binaries for Windows.

sqlitetoolsetup_10.exe (4.12 MB) Precompiled Binaries for Windows.

sqlitetoolsetup_09b.exe (4.25 MB) Precompiled Binaries for Windows.