formatted query
Somewhere around 1998 I started to work as a SQL developer. Through those years I was working with several databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive SQL to name just a few. Then I reflected I have unique style of writting queries, specific intendation, quoting etc. As a programmer I tried to prepare a tool to automate this kind of work for me at 2010. Quickly I realized I need own SQL parser to be independent of any SQL plaftorm. As I'm working on It at my free time only it took few years to complete that task. Now this tool is quite functional and I'm using it for my job every day. At current stage there are still a lot of things to work on, but it seems to work well with most of queries I use, even those complicated like several subqueries over some hundreds unions, automated query generators etc. I know it is still far away from perfection, and its version number is still below 1.0. Visit screenshots section to watch how it looks then download and give it a try. I hope you will find it usefull. Enjoy!