Practice Tests- Leadership

These are practice leadership tests. Some are from, some have been made by the Squadron for use by the cadets. Use these to help you test your knowledge. Taking and passing these tests does not necessarily mean that you are prepared to take the test. You must read the material ahead of time.

Leadership 2000 and Beyond/ Leadership for the 21st Century- this is an older leadership book, but there are very few differences between it and Leadership for the 21st Century. The page numbers it tells you to look at may be incorrect, but the topics will be correct.
Learn to Lead- This is the new textbook for cadets that joined after June 2010. The webmaster is creating these quizzes themselves and each one takes a few hours, so if you don't see one up here yet, be patient! It will be soon, I promise!

These tests will not tell you the correct answer, but they will tell you the section that you can look for the correct answer in. This is to ensure that you read the entire chapter for each test. 

If you see any mistakes, please email the webmaster.