The Exe File Extension

You don’t have to be a computer expert to be familiar with the exe file extension. EXE or .exe or however you want to write it, the exe file extension is the big boss of modern computing. It stands for, and is often referred to as, executable, meaning this is the main application file, the one that “executes” the program. Even if you don’t see file extensions in your Window Explorer, whenever you see the description “Application” you know that’s most likely an exe file extension.

 Which comes is good to know, and also often is invisible and unnecessary to look at. Double click and you’re on your way.

 Here’s the problem, though: Not all applications are the same. By which I mean that some applications are dangerous, and sometimes very, very dangerous.

 Ah, viruses. Malware, spyware. Keyloggers, Trojan horses, etc. You know all about those. And you probably have some sort of virus protection.

 But all it takes is a double click, which is why paying attention to exe file extensions is very important. You should never – NEVER – click on an EXE file you get in an email, for example, unless you’re sure you know what it is. Better safe than sorry.