Spware Remover? Does Everyone Need A Spyware Remover?

I overheard a conversation the other day while at the local bead shop.  It was between the owner of the store and a customer, in fact they didn't care they were holding up the line, they were engrossed in a serious computer issue called, "Spyware".  The owner was getting advise from his customer who recommended a particular Sypware remover that he claimed would work.
I didn't chat with either the store owner or his customer, but in secret I stood listening. 
My computer is doing the same thing. It's bogged down and slow, referring or placing me back at a previous site that I know nothing about. My computer is doing strange things and I need help!  I think I have spyware like the bead shop store owner.  Oh by the way, happy almost Mardi-Gras.
If a spyware remover really works then I need one, everyone needs spyware remover.  So if you've asked the question, "Does everyone need a spyware remover?" then the answer is, "Yes!"
Spyware remover software will remove the obvious spyware from your computer, protecting it from unwanted nag screens or attacks.  Everyone needs a spyware remover program sooner or later.  Be prepared and get more information on spyware remover programs or software downloads now.