Solve Problems With File Extension Software

File extension software? Sure, you remember those, if you’ve spent the years I have messing around with computers. These days, though, file extension software almost seems archaic, a remnant of the distant past. The Windows operating system has automated so many tasks we used to have to stop to think about. Click and you’re on your way, without really having to think about what the software is doing in the background.

Until you come up against file extension software Windows doesn’t know what to do with, and that’s when it can get hairy. File extensions today are associated with very specific programs: Media, word processors, spreadsheets, and vast and various combinations of those and others.

This is where Paretologic comes in, and makes searching for the right program for a specific file extension software easy. Sure, we can, most of us, figure out that a .doc or .docx file is for Word, while a .jpg is a picture and .wmv is a video. If you’re stuck, though (and particularly if Windows is stuck), it can be real handy to have a nice reference.

File extensions are necessary but often invisible to the casual user. We get used to not thinking about them. When we have to, though, Paretologic has come through.