DLL Search Sometimes Necessary

Most computer users never hear about DLLs unless there’s a problem and they have to do a DLL search.  DLLs are crucial files, though, and are used in nearly every function your computer performs.  Some are used by multiple applications; and some are specific to one particular program. 

A DLL search is necessary when these small files (DLL stands for Dynamic Linked – or Loaded – Library; aren’t you sorry you asked?) go missing, either stored in a location the program can’t find or missing altogether.  Running up against a missing DLL and having to do a DLL search can be one of the most frustrating problems a computer user faces.

Sometimes there’s a simple reason for why a DLL is suddenly missing.  Occasionally you will delete a program, a piece of software you no longer need or want, and in the process a DLL is removed that another program uses.  Sometimes DLLs can be corrupted when a program is installed, too, or even overwritten. 

And then there are the bad guys, the computer viruses, the malware, which often will attack these DLLs and either corrupt them or remove them entirely.

While sometimes a missing DLL is a benign situation, it’s always worth noting and something to be concerned about.