Free Radio Checkups! Did you know our ARC can help SPYC members by doing a basic check for proper working radios to see if they need repairs.  We will also check if DSC function in the radio is properly connected to their GPS and registering a MMSI number.  This is often missed when installing a radio and so important in emergencies.  To find out how we can help, contact the Amateur Radio club President  

HF SSB radio is great for communications when you are over 20 miles offshore where cell phones and VHF radio won't work. It provides added safety, weather broadcasts, weather fax and two way communications with many others on land and at sea.  Why Ham Radio & Sailor's Personal Stories

If the vessel has a HF SSB radio and one crew member has an Amateur Radio license then the following is available:
For sailors-
  • Talk with a large community of sailors that listen 24hrs/day from the water and land (This can be a huge benefit if you have medical or technical problems on board).
  • Free weather reports, weather fax and email.
  • Two way communications with formal Nets that operate and listen for sailors from 7am-11pm.
For those at home-
  • On the Internet, anyone can listen to sailors who call on 14.300MHz with their amateur radios 24 hours per day.
  • On the Internet, anyone can read status messages left by sailors with amateur radios.
  • SPYC Amateur Radio Club (ARC) members listen at scheduled times and can report back to others on land.  
  • Regata sailors can call home to other Amateur Radio Operators and have two way communications!
  • Phone patches are possible to talk with home.

How the SPYC ARC can help regata captains and crew:
  • Discuss installation options.
  • Test HF SSB gear.
  • Provide operation advice for HF SSB gear.
  • Demonstrate HF SSB from our ham shack at SPYC.
  • Help geting an Amateur Radio License.
  • Help finding crew who have an Amateur Radio License
  • Every year we provide a HF communications schedule and listen for sailors. Then we report back to folks at home.

Contact any of the Amateur Radio Club Board members listed in the roster (on the left column)