We welcome your participation in our liturgical ministries!
Many people's experience of the Mass is enlivened when they give themselves to a role of service, and by their service they enliven the liturgy for others.
  • Being a Eucharistic Bread or Cup Minister or being an Usher is a way to become very involved without needing to commit to a schedule. People sign up for a station as they arrive for Mass.
  • Greeters welcome people as they arrive at church. Individuals or entire families can serve as greeters.
    Greeters can sign up for a Mass at Greeter's Sign-up.
  • Lectors proclaim the scripture readings and the prayers of the faithful.
  • Youth Servers are youth in grades four and above who assist at the altar during Mass.
To be trained for one of the above ministries, contact:

Tom English  503-644-5264 ext 122 

Bob Little  503-213-1447

Training Video for
Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist
click here:
Video is acted by Youth Mass Ministers
but applies for all Masses

For detailed descriptions of 
liturgical ministries scroll 
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