Culture & Cognition Lab

Our lab is focused on cultural research and various aspects of cognition. Dr. Verney has established a line of research focusing on cultural issues in cognitive assessment, which has included using information processing and psychophysiological methods to reduce the cultural bias in cognitive assessment of ethnic minority individuals. In addition, he has been investigating the relationships between various sociocultural factors (quality of education, bilingualism, acculturation/cultural adaptation) and cognitive assessment. More recently, Dr. Verney's research has focused on health disparities issues, especially in Native Americans.

We have several projects going on in the lab. Click on the sidebar to see the projects and current and past graduate students.

**  Dr. Verney is actively looking for a new doctoral student to start Fall of 2016. Potential applicants will have a focus on cultural factors in assessment and/or health disparities interests, as well as strong project management  and research skills. Please email for more information!

Steven P. Verney, Ph.D.

is an Alaska Native (Tsimshian) Associate Professor.
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