Lead Worker Updates

In the churches

Autumn Term 2019

These are the dates and locations that you will find me in the churches this term ...

Sampford - Sun 29th Sept 10.30am TEAM service

Halberton - Sun 6th Oct 9.30am Harvest Service

Uplowman - Friday 11th Oct 7pm Harvest Service

Holcombe - Fri 4th Oct 6.30pm Harvest Service

Burlescombe - Fri 27th Oct 6.30pm Harvest Service

Hockworthy - 22nd Dec 4pm Carol Service

I've also had the pleasure of being invited to have a coffee with some church wardens, which enabled conversation to help me support their church activities.

In the schools

Autumn Term 2019

Assemblies - I will have taken 2 assemblies in each school this term. On the theme of, 'What clues are there to the existence of God?'

My first assembly focused on humour as a clue. We watched the song Violin by They Might Be Giants to enjoy the gift of laughter.

I have also spent whole days in Burlescombe and Webbers, worked with Steph on an art project in Uplowman, and spent a morning in Halberton delivering an activity for all their children as part of their harvest activities.

Harvest Services - I did the talk for Uplowman and Sampford Peverell School's Harvest services, which are held in the churches. For Webbers and Burlescombe the schools are invited to join in the evening Harvest services, with between 15 and 20 children attending each of these.

Messy Church & Sundaze

Autumn Term 2019

I lead / coordinate these two projects (see the pages on this website). They are exciting projects that see our churches reaching out and providing church in different settings and different ways.

For many of those who come, this is their only experience of church - and many families are exploring and discussing faith in these settings.

We have explored harvest & creation, and are trying Outdoor Messy Church this month.

At Sundaze we are exploring the fruit of the Spirit, and are also planning a Christmas joint event with the Methodist & Anglican Churches featuring a real life donkey.

Mental Health First Aid - I am now qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider, having completed the two day training course. Please take to educate yourself - maybe even go on a course. Start here if you are interested https://mhfaengland.org/

Other things I have done so far ...

Met with local headteachers / heads of teaching & learning, handover meeting with Steph, Messy Church & Sundaze planning meetings, C1 & C2 safeguarding training, regular meetings with Glyn.

And the unusual - a trip to collect a TV trolley from Taunton & then set up Halberton St.Andrew's church with its own TV on a trolley for use at Sundaze & beyond.